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A million thanks to Dr.Mustafa and wife for inviting us BAND EXORA to perform on their daughter's wedding..Something unique about this family..the father (Dr.Mustafa) is a doctor, his wife also a doctor, their daughter (the bride) is a doctor and their son in law (the groom) also a doctor.. Btw, we had fun performing on this event plus gastronomic and super delicious food provided for us..Thanks Dr.Mustafa!

Thank you to Fiza and hubby for inviting us..This is our first experience performing at 
Dewan Gemilang Felda. Hopefully to perform here again and again...:-))

We always love to perform at this place and admire for its garden and cozy ambience..A nice place to have a garden wedding. Thanks a million to Nurul Ashikin (the bride) for inviting us to perform on her beautiful day by booking us 7 months in advance..Alhamdulillah.:-))

To all viewers, if you wish to have a wedding band (particularly in 3-pcs /4-pcs band and we prefer to perform for Malay weddings only) , do give me a call / sms to 019-2261976 (EZURA). Email: ezurarazali@yahoo.com. Pls provide details on your function date, venue, time and your email address..Thanks guys! See you in your upcoming events..

Our soundman in action..provided by Ezura Entertainment.

A candy buffet.

Band EXORA in 3-pcs..A wedding band for your beautiful day..

A big thank you to Puan Nora (the groom's mother) for inviting us to perform on his son's wedding reception. The stage is ours today..(coz no pelamin on stage)..

Band EXORA in action.

Congrats Adilah & hubby! Thanks a million for inviting us. This time no female singer in da house as requested by the host. Abg Man (the male singer) has succesfully delivered "Mencintaimu" in his very own version..nice..alhamdulillah.

Our set up for a 3-pcs Band.

Abg Man on Vocals, Simon on Keyboard and Iskandar on Acoustic Guitar.

"Tauke Funfair" in da house!! No singing tonight, just manage, enjoy the music and watch...:-))
The Bride and Groom.
Band EXORA in 3-pcs.