Live Music For All Occasions

With Dato' Seri Najib Razak & Datin Seri Rosmah Mansor at Sri Satria, Putrajaya..& also Mr.Bassist of Kombo RAMD, Abg Zali..(2006)

At Istana Besar Sri Menanti, Kuala Pilah. Above is ex-Kombo RAMD's manager, Mejar Suhaimi. (2006)

A big dining hall at Istana Besar Sri Menanti. The function was held in conjunction with Tuanku Jaafar's birthday..(2007)

I was on stage with Kombo RAMD @ Istana Besar Sri Menanti.. (2007)

With Tuanku Fauziah of Perlis at Concorde Hotel, KL (2007)

At Gua Musang, Kelantan for Sultan Kelantan's birthday..(2007)

I have bundles of photos on my performances (with my musician friends, of course..) but since i've just created this blog, i would only share with you some of them. There were such sweet memories for getting opportunities to perform in front of Agong & Permaisuri Agong (previous & current), Sultan Kedah & Sultanah, Sultan Kelantan & Raja Perempuan and YDP Besar Negeri Sembilan & Tuanku Ampuan as well as our PM & Deputy PM.

A million thanks to all Kombo RAMD's manager (too long to mention their names..) & Sjn Isham from Kombo D'City Cops for all the opportunities. Not to forget Apai, Abg Suhaimi (D'Prime dlm kenangan..), Abg Hafiz, Ah Chai, Pak Chad, Wak Diro..(just to name a few). Thanks y'all!!


Huiyooo...power giler u ni..siap perform kt istana lg...brape ur rate utk wedding event?Nice 2 know u:)