Live Music For All Occasions

Date of Event: 19-5-2008 (Monday-falls on Wesak Day)
Venue: Dewan Perdana FELDA, Kuala Lumpur.
Time: 8 - 10.45pm
Entertainment: 6-pcs band

Once again we performed at Dewan Perdana FELDA for a wedding reception. We were amazed with the 'pelamin' decoration..(how much would be the cost??). The sound system was better this time and we ended the show with latin music until 10.45pm. After the show, we 'lepak' at mamak stall, Valentine Roti at Jalan Semarak without changing my 'glamour' dress..! Emm..

A short rehearsal 2 hours before show.
Backline: Hisham (keyboard), Azhar (bass), Yus (lead guitar), Acoy (drum) & Abang Faizul (blow instrument & singer)

The showtime..

The pelamin..(don't you think it's too messy?!)

A video of Endless Love, duet with Abang Faizul ex-Quintet singer of PDRM.

A video of Mencintaimu..