Live Music For All Occasions

Date of Event: 10/5/2008 (Saturday)
Venue: KL Hilton
Time: 8pm - 3.30am
Entertainment: 6-pcs band

Salam bloggers! The wedding reception @ KL Hilton was an extravaganza with beautiful hall decoration. So romantic with deem lights and of course with the handsome & gorgeous pengantin. The Royal & VVIP guests were HRH Raja Perlis & Raja Perempuan Perlis and Tun Dr.Mahathir & Tun Dr.Siti Hasmah. We continued the show with 'poco-poco' songs as well as a surprise birthday celebration for Tuanku Raja Perlis.

Our version of 'Selamat Pengantin Baru' by me and the band..