Live Music For All Occasions

Date of Event: 16 - 27/3/2009
Venue: Quality Hotel, Kuala Lumpur.
Time: 12-2pm and 8-10pm (2 sets)
Musicians: Irama Cempuleng Moden, Cendana Klasik Banghuris Sepang.

Recently for 10 days kumpulan Cendana Klasik were performing at Quality Hotel's lobby in conjunction with Selangor Food Promotion 2009. Quite tiring with 2 sets of performance a day but i really enjoyed singing my favourite Malay and English Oldies with all my uncles in Cendana Klasik.

This is not a ghazal group but something different with a combination of modern musical instruments and traditional drums, accordion and violins. We do play oldies and modern songs as well.

Video: AUTUMN LEAVES by Ezura & ALADOM by Arif Ahmad