Live Music For All Occasions

Firstly, congrats to Ideal Sound Integration Sdn Bhd for managing this event very successfully at Impiana Hotel, KL on 9/10/2010. After having a long practice at a regular basis and 3-4 times of practices with Ramlah Ram, finally we did it! The line-up was led by Belle Fatah ( a professional music director / arranger ). With 25 songs throughout the night and despite a chronic sore throat, Ramlah received a continuous support from her fan club, Ramlah Ram Group. Check out our photos!!

Our rehearsal on the night before..ended up by 3am. Super exhausted!

Me with a talented young drummer..Jun.

Our lyrics of the 25 songs..

MC..Ogy Ahmad Daud

Ramlah in action..

Ramlah..during Irama Malaysia's segment

A duet with Azam Pit..(supposedly with Nassier Wahab)

Piano medley with Abg Belle..

Me with Ramlah..after show.

The team..the music director, musicians and back-up vocalists..